Zadig: Driver Installation

These brief instructions describe how to install an RTL2832U TV tuner stick on your Windows PC. Your version of Windows must be XP SP3 or later. Microsoft does not support WinUSB on Windows 2000 or NT (and don't even ask about 9X/ME).

The following information may help advanced Windows users:

The INF file installed by Zadig goes in your Windows\Inf folder and looks something like:

; RTL2838UHIDIR.inf
; Copyright (c) 2010-2012 libusbx (GNU LGPL)
DeviceName = "RTL2838UHIDIR"
VendorName = "Realtek Semiconductor Corp."
SourceName = "RTL2838UHIDIR Install Disk"
DeviceID   = "VID_0BDA&PID_2838"

The actual file is longer. The above text should be enough to help you recognize it. The file is named "OEMxx.inf" where xx is a number that increases each time you run Zadig. The old INF file isn't removed. Zadig also adds keys to the registry that point to this file.

Look under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USB\ for a list of VID/PID pair registry keys. See the device ID in the INF above? The key will have a similar name. Your device may have a different VID and PID value. Under that key will be another key that is the eight digit serial number of your RTL stick. Using one of my sticks as an example:


Under this key are a dozen or so values. The Mfg and DeviceDesc values point to our INF file above. For example:

Mfg=@oem1.inf,%vendorname%;Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

Suppose you accidentally installed the actual FM + DAB TV drivers that normally ship with these devices? Your INF file will look something like:

Signature = "$CHICAGO$"
Class = MEDIA
ClassGUID = {4d36e96c-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}
provider = %VENDER%
CatalogFile =
DriverVer = 03/04/2009,64.001.0304.2009

Notice the "Vender" typo. This INF loads the drivers meant for watching TV. If you're reading this page, probably not what you want.

Before mucking around with the registy and Windows folders; try un-installing the device from device manager. Plug the RTL stick into each USB slot and repeat - just to be sure. Once you're satisfied the un-wanted driver(s) are gone - reboot.

As always - when mucking around with Windows Registry settings and Windows system folders - create a Windows Restore Point and backup of the registry before any changes. Good luck.

© Copyright 2014 Rick Parrish