Unitrunker 2

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Protocols Decoded



The following forward-looking statement is subject to change without notice.

This program does not decode digital voice. Digital voice decoding through a third party decoder that accepts discriminator audio through VAC or VB Cable

The user interface looks very similar to the previous generation but also offers the following improvements:

The new version requires Windows Vista or later, a 64 bit multicore CPU and Microsoft .NET 4.6. Memory requirements are bigger than its predecessor. Version 1 needs about 7 MB minimum while Version 2 starts at 35 MB. However, Version 1 stores up to four hours of history in memory so memory use grows over the next four hours before reaching some cap. Version 2 stores all history on disk while loading only what is displayed into memory. CPU loading measurements of both versions running side by side show version 2 needs 50% to 66% more CPU than version 1.

Features Removed:

Some planned improvements that may occur at some point in the future:

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